1. Spooz Publishing

The forerunner to Spooz, Inc. was Spooz Publishing Group, Inc. (“SPG”), a Texas corporation, and was an Introducing Broker for Refco, Inc. (“Refco”), a Chicago based FCM. Located in Austin, Texas, SPG developed technology that allowed cattle feedlots and grain elevators to map their pens and silos in order to track inventory, and select (from proprietary templates) various commercial hedging strategies.

Within 18 months SPG became the largest grain and feedlot commercial hedging broker in the State of Texas and became the second largest volume producer in the winter wheat futures traded on the Kansas City Board of Trade. Revenues for the company went from zero to $1 million per month in its first year of operations.

2. Relocation

As a result, in early 2014, Refco convinced SPG to move the company to Chicago by arranging for a buyer for the company’s commission book of business and making significant investments into SPG., for the further development of the technology.  Later that year, Spooz Publishing Group, Inc., was merged into Spooz, Inc., and became a publicly traded company.

Spooz, Inc. established contractual relationships with Refco, Bloomberg, TDAmeritrade, Interactive Brokers as well as approximately a dozen regional Chicago futures brokers, to deliver its products in order to enhance their securities and commodities brokerage services. During financial crisis of 2008,  Spooz survived for a short time, however, investment capital disappeared and the Company was forced to shut down until its resurrection in mid-2021.

3. Spooz, Inc.

Spooz was revived after 13 years of dormancy in order to engage in organic carbon sequestration activities. It formed three separate wholly-owned vertically integrated divisions designed to complement the Pool’s engagement in this new growth industry; Spooz Technologies LLC, Spooz Asset Management, LLC (the Manager) and Spooz Forestry Services LLC, all of which will play key roles in the Company’s success.

Spooz, Inc. will provide its Divisions with centralized services and support. It will function as the primary manager of all Divisions except for the Spooz Commodity Assets Pool LLC, which will be managed by Spooz Asset Management Services LLC.