Spooz Forestry Services Division

Spooz Forestry Services LLC (“SFS”) is the division responsible for sustaining forests for the Pool, large private owners of forests and cooperatives that will be organized by SFS. SFS offers services that places the emphasis of sustaining global forests on people. Sustaining forests ensures that future generations will have the enjoyment of pristine natural environments in which to work, recreate and enjoy a harmony with nature few other environments on earth provide.

The Penn State Extension writes, “Sustainable” means to maintain, continue, and keep, while “forestry” is the science and art of managing forests. Thus, sustainable forestry is about caring for and managing forests to provide the natural resources, such as wood and clean water, we need now and in the future. It also means sustaining other things we value from the forest like wildlife habitat and beautiful landscapes. Sustainable forestry is concerned with all parts of the forest–trees, smaller plants, soils, wildlife, and water. It involves protecting forests from wildfire, pests, and diseases, and preserving forests that are unique or special.”

The Forestry Services (SFS) Division of Spooz will also be focused on locating, evaluating, and acquiring promising forestry assets for the Pool and the solicitation of other large accounts that produce carbon offset credits. In essence, SFS is the marketing and sales division of the Company.