Paul D. Strickland, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Strickland began his career as an analyst for a proprietary trading company at the Chicago Board of Trade where he designed and distributed real-time trading calculations to firm-backed, and a select group of independent traders, on the floors of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. During his career, Mr. Strickland has held seats on, and been a member of, three major commodity and securities exchanges (as a floor trader and options market-maker on the CBOE floor) and was a pioneer in the development of modern index arbitrage techniques. Over the course of his career, Mr. Strickland has developed hundreds of proprietary hedging and trading strategies, many of which he retains.

After 2000, Mr. Strickland founded two industry related companies and took them public from the Chicago financial district. Mr. Strickland has held managerial, trading, clearing and consultancy relationships with several institutional and proprietary trading firms including Carmel Group, Bear Stearns, G-Bar Partners (forerunner of ThinkorSwim), Bear Stearns, First Options Group, Hull Trading Group, Alaron Trading Corporation, Petco/Peters, and Transoptions Group. Mr. Strickland has been registered, at various times, as a Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”), a Commodity Pool Operator (“CPO”), an Exchange Member Broker Dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”).

Mr. Strickland is generally recognized as a trading, compliance and brokerage operations expert with over 40 years’ experience building, evaluating, deploying and managing statistically advantageous trading models. Mr. Strickland was the original founder of Spooz Publishing Group, Inc., the predecessor to Spooz, Inc, the parent of the CPO-Manager of the Pool.

Errol Stone

Chief Operating Officer

For the last ten years, Mr. Stone has been semi-retired. He graduated from Tufts University and Boston University School of law. He is currently a retired member of the Texas State Bar.

After graduation from law school, Mr. Stone was employed by the United States Securities & Exchange Commission for six years. Thereafter, he practiced law at private law firms in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and Austin, Texas. For ten years he was an Assistant General Counsel at Bank of America in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Subsequent to practicing law, Mr. Stone was involved in three entrepreneurial companies; two of which became public. He was a director and Chief Operating Officer at two and director and Chief Executive Officer of the other. In such capacities, he was involved, in among other duties, start-up operations, day to day business operations, corporate structure, capital formation, contract negotiations, securities regulation, human recourses, and business planning.

Erek Kirsten

President of Spooz Forestry Services Division

Erek Kirsten has been in the real estate business since 1985. He has served as an asset manager for GE Capital Asset Management and real estate owned broker for numerous lenders, having performed over 5,000 BPO valuations.  Mr. Kirsten has decades of experience in real estate, non-performing note acquisitions and management.

Mr. Kirsten has extensive knowledge in creative financing, negotiation, tax deferred exchanges, land trusts, option contracts, and entity structuring. He has a BS in Molecular Biology from University of Illinois at Chicago, has published scientific research, is a Florida licensed real estate broker, Florida licensed mortgage loan originator, commercial loan broker, and a Certified Loss Mitigation Consultant.