Spooz Asset Management (SAM)

Few endeavors are more critically important than saving our planet’s forests from irresponsible clear cutting and mismanagement. It is an undeniable fact that forests contribute to the positive climate related consequences. Spooz is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunity to save our forests, and, in so doing, financially sustain and profit from the Company’s ongoing forest acquisitions, carbon sequestration and Forest Services provided by that division.

Carbon sequestration is the process of a living forest’s natural ability to remove carbon (in the form of CO2) from earth’s atmosphere. As a result, a new and progressively growing industry has been rapidly developing. When the owner of forested property seeks to participate in this new marketplace, that owner must seek out a governmental or quasigovernmental agency that provides the owner with authorization to issue carbon offset credits that can be sold into the marketplace. In addition to the revenue generated from the sale of carbon offset credits, the owner will also be granted tax credits in the U.S. or other tax authorities and jurisdictions.

SAM intends to purchase forestry assets in strategic regional areas, either by an outright purchase of the real estate or acquisition of specific timber rights. The overall objective is the acquisition of carbon offset credits and tax credits.