Trading Operations

SAM will employ automated algorithmic trading systems to execute futures trades on multiple exchanges, including but not limited to, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)Chicago, Mercantile Exchange (“CME”), Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT), the Intercontinental Commodities Exchange (“ICE US” and “ICE Europe”), London Metals Exchange (LME), Carbon Trade Exchange (”CTX”), Guangzhou Futures Exchange (China), European Energy Exchange (EEX”) and a rapidly growing number of carbon futures contracts traded around the world.

In cases where the Pool is executing significant volume, it may seek exchange membership in order to dramatically reduce transaction costs by taking advantage of exchange member rates. Exchange memberships can potentially reduce transaction costs by as much as 50%.

Educational Initiatives

Currently, plans for the Educational Program include contributions of technology, training and potentially, scholarship support for deserving students in high-quality forestry degree programs and talented young quantitative analysts at U.S., Canadian and other offshore institutions of higher education.

Algorithmic Trading System Library & Software Training

Part and parcel to the Educational Program will be a collection of trading systems generated by students. It is envisioned that incentive programs will promote the development and accumulation of valuable Intellectual Property (“IP”) as additions to the Library.